"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet." - Bob Marley


Hi, I'm Chris


Do you feel like hanging out with a radical dude for a few hours, and becoming buddies? If so, look no further because here I am.

I'm a true lover of driving everywhere and anywhere - with a black coffee in hand (stevia if I am feeling the need for sweetness), football, mountain adventures, and story telling.

Married to my best friend Katrina, Father to two amazing daughters, and usually hanging out with my companion Bucky (My Lab). 

Simply put, I love taking photos. I would love a chance to get you in front of my lens and tell your story. I am currently taking life to the next level AND am willing to travel. Let's get in touch...


For inquiries please email me or use the form on the left. If you just want to reach out to say hi follow the same steps. I would love to hear from you. Peace and Love.



Photo Cred: Tulle and Tweed Photography